Nov 202008

Google loves

This is a case study one of the top social sites to post to,  Correct use of this site will help raise your search engine page ranking much higher than a lot of other social linking and social information web sites.

Google really seems to love  I don’t mean the blog you have at your web host or server, I mean the blogs hosted by wordpress at their site.  If you create a blog with some good information in it, it will be listed very high in page ranking.

Google search for the term "Reno Modern Luxury Home"

Here’s a real world example.  For Reno Modern Luxury Homes, a site was created as well with a blog title of Reno Luxury Modern Homes. A post named Reno Modern Luxury Homes For Sale was created as well.  The user name for the site is renohomes – It’s a good idea to have your user name contain keywords as well.  If you do a search for Reno Modern Luxury Home, you’ll see that as I write this the top 2 spots are the tag pages for tags put on that blog.  The 3rd and 4th links are the actual site.

Google Loves - Look at this Results pageIf you do a search for Reno Modern Homes, you’ll see that the first spot is the actual site itself which is RenoModernHomes and the #2 position is the blog post Reno Modern Luxury Homes For Sale.

Tags are incredibly important as you can see from the first Search Engine Results Page (SERP).  the first 2 listings are in fact tags that were created and put on the blog.  The fist google listing is for the tag reno-modern-luxury-home-for-sale and the second is for the tag reno-nevada.  Variations on the searches prove fruitful as well.  Reno Luxury Contemporary Homes brings a page 1 position 1 and 2 of the tags used!  A search for Reno Luxury Homes brings a page 1 position 6 ranking. Adding a tag for the company Pavich and Associates brings a page 1 position 3 position in a google search, the first 2 are the Pavich and Associates company website.  All of this with one blog and 1 post.

Google truly loves

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  11 Responses to “Google Loves WordPress: How to Use for SEO and Internet Marketing”

  1. so thats why i’m using wordpress as you are :) thanks for nice posting

  2. I’m glad you enjoyed it!

  3. I believe that this happens because the primary sites have not done enough due diligence in back linking and continuous posting of fresh content. Google likes action, movement and freshness. Keep it moving and keep it fresh and you will beat out the rest. Remember the backlinking is very important.
    We use WordPress as our primary site platform due to the ease of expansion, navigation and user experience. You are limited to the amount of plugins you can use on and I am still the true believer that a big part of SEO is standing out in a crowd by branding yourself as a professional. I do not believe that you can achieve this by being a part of a herd. Uniqueness, freshness, action and the appearance of authority is key!

    • There is no doubt that an aggressive back linking strategy is key. In addition to having the inate possibility for high SERPs with, quality content and links to that externatl site are key as well, so I don't disagree with you on this. I use (standalone) site for myself and recommend it to my clients because google still loves it and because of the many amazing plugins available for it, but using in addition just makes sense in a well rounded IM plan.

  4. Sorry, but I forgot to mention before I got on my supposed ‘soap box’ that this is an added benefit for people who are still in the construction stages of building their authority rank up and is a useful process in the interim.
    Great post!

  5. I’ve been following your work for a long time. WordPress is great, but it's only part of the picture. You seem to have mastered the alchemy of generating Google ranking. When it comes to SEO/SEM, you're firing on all cylinders. You are a true authority. Congratulations.

  6. Both WordPress and Blogger seem to do well. I don't know if it really helps or not, but I maintain a WordPress hosted blog that occasionally blog something that I need backlinks for. It seems to work. I have no data to support it, but it can't hurt.

  7. Google loves good sites more than just saying it loves wordpress. One of the things that does is not to allow adsense and affliate stuff on their site. Google sees less spamy sites at wordpress and more real content. There are other blog host that do very well in addtion to wordpress. Blogger sends alot of red flags at times and this can hurt seo

  8. […] search engine rankings – that is, if your blog has something of value to offer. There’s even a case study here that gives you an example of a blog that made all the right moves to get noticed by Google. Consider using some of these […]

  9. I have to agree that google loves wordpress. Me and my friend created our websites almost a week apart,me being late,and his was flash based and mine was on wordpress.However my ranking has come down drastically(improved) thanks to,what i can say,me being a user of wordpress.Backlinking has been same for both of us 

  10. How does Google treat domain names that are hosted on ? Will it be the same as one's having URLs with Here are my thoughts on SEO for :

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